Today's Color: Red!

It made me kinda sad when I realised that Devon had outgrown her little red chucks! Now I know why parents do crazy things like bronze their kids shoes.... stop growing so fast! Anyways, she might have had a growth spurt, but her feet are still itty bitty:) I got her some new Salt Waters from Little Bean along with this and that. The way I see it, new shoes are always a great excuse to shop around for some new additions to her wardrobe. I quickly found this adorable knit top at Stacy's shop...
and these overalls...
then I headed over to Heather's shop and found this little gem, I also LOVE this...but I gotta stop. For red accessories, Devon's been really into purses lately (and she's always trying to lug around my giant bags) so I decided to make one for her out of this super cute fabric (and it's not really red, but I'm also dying to get her this)


  1. that rabbit fabric is adorable!! and i almost kept the little denim jumper for pip....but since that one was a 6 i decided i didn't need to hold onto it!

  2. Great finds! and Devon's adorable ♥