Just like dad

We're really getting a lot of mileage outta this striped thermal
I've put both of our Etsy boutiques in vacation mode (although I'll still be around for a little while longer) I just want to catch up on existing orders and finish some custom work that I'm doing for my brothers beautiful girlfriend, who recently shaved her head, so I'm SUPER inspired to focus on her piece before I leave town ;)


Today's Fashion Inspiration

I have a ton of sewing and house work planned for today. Although, I'm not a fan of staying in your PJ's 24/7, wouldn't it be lovely to catch up on all your chores like this? Devon could lounge about in her thermals and some swingy cotton eyelet top
...she's my everyday inspiration...


Summer Sunset Halter

On my way to pick up Isaac from work, I couldn't help but notice how amazing the sunset reflecting off the Dallas skyline was! Those beautiful hues immediately made me think of this quirky little trim that I got from my sister (a nubby strip of yarn that she tied around the neck of a plushie gift for Devon) I've always loved that tiny piece of yarn, and how perfect is it with the last little bit of my dove grey, Japanese double gauze? I'll be listing it in our boutique, but not tonight. I'm going to be sweet and let Isaac have his game time..for now;)


Super Chunky Zippers

Way back in the day (in 1998) I did a maxi denim skirt detailed with super chunky zippers and orange stitching. It had a 36" zipper up the center front and 5" zippered pockets. I used to wear it everywhere with wristbands and a huge (pipe cleaner permed) Afro...pretty funny, huh? Anyways, since I still have a giant basket full of those zippers, I've been thinking about making something for Devon with the 5" zips. I kept imagining her in tight, punk rock pants with fat back zippers... so I knew the fabric needed to be something with stretch, a huge comfort factor, and a substantial weight (to hold those chunky zips) Then finally, I found the perfect knit at Bamboo Wonders. Although, I'm not offering these pants in our Etsy (the look just doesn't work with the rest of our items) I still have tons of 5" zips left to make more for anyone who's interested;)


Cutest vintage find EVER!

...and it's a perfect fit!


Shelvage Vest

Check out our newest women's wear piece here


Street Tuff

...yes, she's holding a bolt in her hand... when I tried to take it away, she hugged it and said "ahhhhh!" (like it was a doll or a puppy) ...throw'in rock hard looks...Devon's received so many compliments on her new bike pants, I went ahead and listed them in the store. Check out more pics here
Every time I take Devon outside to play, I am constantly reminded of how "un-child friendly" this place really is. There's cigarette butts EVERYWHERE, broken glass, rusty bolts and razorblades...YAY! At least Devon will grow up street tuff :)


An eye for vintage

My friend , Hilari has definitely been bitten by the vintage bug. I've seen her countless times in the hallways (we live on the same floor) always in the perfect piece. I knew right away, that I would be like a "kid in a candy store" in her wardrobe. But I could never have imagined the truly immense size of her closet! We live in industrial loft spaces and (let me tell you that) it takes up a VERY large portion of her loft. Considering her expertise in selecting the most beautiful vintage dresses (her taste in color, print, and silhouette is flawless) I told her that she should very well consider a career as a personal shopper. I can't wait to get a little bit of free time for a shopping excursion with Hilari at Ahab Bowen :)



...just got the new issue of Milk Magazine, which I'm convinced is the cutest children's fashion mag...ever. It's French but comes with English texts....
LOVE this little French girl who has the cutest "bratty" look...the detailing (and color) in this children's frock is amazing...LOVE the origami triangles at the hem!
normally, I'm not a fan of giant bows, but this one works so well (since it's a muted pallette) and the model is adorable...
I REALLY want to make Devon a playhouse bunkbed! I would have gone nuts for this room as a little girl:)


Etsy Love

Straight from the shoulder top
paperbag skirt
safari dress
Just wanted to share with you an awesome Etsy find, Neneee! I'm a total sucker for reworked and redesigned streetwear and Val has the cutest street style I've seen in awhile. She's also the model:) I don't usually buy clothing for myself, but I just had to get the "straight from the shoulder" top in black. It shipped very quickly, is beautifully sewn, and she also sent a cute pair of tights as a "thank you" gift! I'm a big fan of the way that she styles each outfit... cute shoes, hats, hair. It cracks me up that her shop title is....ugly is the new pretty!


Devon's Sunday

..on Sundays, Devon can hang out all day with Daddy...
...couldn't resist getting a shot of the shorts with the candy machine. I eventually broke down and got her some m&ms... Devon definitely has a thing for graffiti art. Our walls at home are just as colorful...
After we spent the morning exploring Deep Ellum, we took Devon back to the Dallas Aquarium . It's been 9 months since her last visit. Looking back, I'm amazed at how much she's grown! I mean, she couldn't even walk last time... and this time she was into everything!

...Isaac and I love this shark...doesn't he have the greatest lips?


Striped Skinnys

Devon took a super long nap today. While she slept, I made some Striped Skinny's for our Etsy boutique. I lOVE them paired with our Nautical Tank as a PJ set. Those super fitted cuffs and that deep round neck make me smile:) you can check it out here. I also made her some rainbow striped bike pants. I can't wait to shoot her in super fitted, rainbow bright shorts (with a basic black beater and her black and pink pumas).


Summer Shades Playsuit

Devon models our newest piece, the Summer Shades Playsuit. Check out more pics of Devon in this cute onesie here


Time to myself

I spent a Mother's day getaway in Chicago by myself (it was an amazing gift from my sister-in-law, Rachel...who now gets free clothing from me... forever!) I know...being away from your child on Mother's day seems so wrong, but I just really needed some alone time (and having that time to yourself is so important to just re energize, so you can be an even better mom) Plus, Chicago is a city that I've never been to before, so why not? It was the first time that I've ever spent apart from Devon and it was difficult to be away from her, but I think that it was also healthy for both of us (everytime I spoke with Isaac, I could hear her playing and laughing in the background) By the way, I bought the Evenflo manuel breast pump (to help with engorgement while I was away) Do not buy that pump! It's total garbage, it literally falls apart in your hands while you use it.

I stayed at the James Hotel ....so nice! I miss my cushy bed. I took a ton of pictures, but I only had a camera phone with me, and for some reason I can't send them to my computer... sorry I can't share them with you:(

The James has a David Burkes restaurant attached to it...super yummy! Of course, my favorite was dessert. I had "kickin' donuts" Seriously, there's nothing like eating a whole box full of fried dough that comes with your choice of three different flavored icings (so you can fill your own donut)...probably gained a few pounds there. I also went to the Spa by Asha and had a hot stones massage with aromatherapy and a foot bath (which was so needed since I walked all over Michigan street in 4 inch heels) Thanks again, Rachel... It was heavenly!

Chicago is beautiful! I thought it would be kinda gritty and dirty, but it had so many huge flower beds everywhere full of amazing tulips that made me smile:) And the shopping, OMG...but I pretty much stayed away from all the clothing stores (for fear of the compulsive shopping bug). I kept seeing little girls that reminded me of Devon. I guess I would stare a little too long, cause it seemed to freak their mother's out. "No...I'm not gonna kidnap your child...I just miss mine like crazy!"



Devon's on vacation!.......... we'll be back next week:)


Neighbor from Hell

I'm sorry that this posting is so far from my norm. It's something that has been sort of upsetting me lately, so I figured that writing about it would help. Very early this morning (around 3am) I was awakened by the vicious screaming of profanities from my downstairs neighbor. This being the 5th time that this has happened in a matter of two months! It continues on (for usually) about 2 or 3 hours. His voice being the one most clearly heard, as he screams on and on about how she's ruining his life..or "**CK! **CK!**CK! I'm not going through this again!" Then I hear her crying and glass breaking. It's all very alarming and upsetting, to say the least. Thankfully, Isaac and Devon always manage to sleep blissfully through it all (I'm just the light sleeper, I suppose?) Lucky me:(

The reason I'm certain that its' my downstairs neighbor is because the last time this happened, I grabbed my robe and snuck out the door...following the screaming until I zeroed in on the culprit. My neighbor directly beneath us. Then I went back home and called the police.

Ironically, this is the same exact guy who accused Isaac and I of child abuse last Fall! Devon was throwing one of those temper tantrums that nothing can solve. About 10 minutes into it, we get a knock on our front door. Surprise! It's our downstairs neighbor. He and Isaac go out into the hallway, and I hear them start to exchange some heated remarks as I'm finally starting to get Devon to calm down inside our unit. Isaac told me that he actually had the audacity to accuse us of child abuse and even threatened to call the police on us! One week later, he actually does this (at 2am) while Devon and I are watching TV together (her sleeping schedule had gone out of whack the way that babies schedules often do) The police actually apologised to me, since it was obvious that there was no abuse going on.

Later, I bump into our "neighbor from hell" in the laundry room. I told him that I couldn't believe that he would be so quick to assume the worst of someone whom he had never even met before! He actually attempted to try and tell me that he hadn't accused us of child abuse and that Isaac was a liar! "DO NOT EVER CALL MY HUSBAND A LIAR!" I didn't shout, but made it very apparent that I was totally upset and turned away from him to finish my laundry. But I could see him from my peripheral...just staring at me until I left the room...creepy!

No wonder he was so quick to assume the worst of others when he's "Mr. Domestic Violence" in the flesh. I didn't call the cops last night because I was too tired...drifting in and out of sleep ...getting awakened 3 more times until his screams finally subsided around 6am. What a way to start the day!


A little bit of sunshine...

...on an otherwise grey day. Devon wanted to wear a scarf like mommy, then she ran to the door (her way of asking to do a photo shoot) She was very serious about it...not many smiles for this shoot. I loved the way she decided to use the hallway pole as a prop:)

my incredibly thoughtful neighbor Hilari, stopped by to give Devon these adorable slippers... I can't wait to make her a dress to wear with them:)


I miss the sun.....

Enough with the grey and muggy days already! It's starting to make me moody! I need to take breaks...OFTEN (from all this sewing) so that Devon and I don't go insane. I was at 26 pieces last week, this week I'm down to 12. I'll try and squeeze out some new stuff in between. New stuff makes me happy....piled up orders...not so happy. Getting Devon's new kachingdesign top made us both happy. Coincidentally, I feel just like this little guy... only not as cute.