I miss the sun.....

Enough with the grey and muggy days already! It's starting to make me moody! I need to take breaks...OFTEN (from all this sewing) so that Devon and I don't go insane. I was at 26 pieces last week, this week I'm down to 12. I'll try and squeeze out some new stuff in between. New stuff makes me happy....piled up orders...not so happy. Getting Devon's new kachingdesign top made us both happy. Coincidentally, I feel just like this little guy... only not as cute.


  1. Piled up orders make me happy because this mean lots of sales! Haha.

    Hello Devon and Mr Panda! :)


  2. Lol, I love the look on her face in the first picture! It looks like she's fed up with the ugly weather too. That shirt is adorable. Upon visiting their shop, I was delighted to see that they make grown-up clothes too. What a cute store!