Time to myself

I spent a Mother's day getaway in Chicago by myself (it was an amazing gift from my sister-in-law, Rachel...who now gets free clothing from me... forever!) I know...being away from your child on Mother's day seems so wrong, but I just really needed some alone time (and having that time to yourself is so important to just re energize, so you can be an even better mom) Plus, Chicago is a city that I've never been to before, so why not? It was the first time that I've ever spent apart from Devon and it was difficult to be away from her, but I think that it was also healthy for both of us (everytime I spoke with Isaac, I could hear her playing and laughing in the background) By the way, I bought the Evenflo manuel breast pump (to help with engorgement while I was away) Do not buy that pump! It's total garbage, it literally falls apart in your hands while you use it.

I stayed at the James Hotel ....so nice! I miss my cushy bed. I took a ton of pictures, but I only had a camera phone with me, and for some reason I can't send them to my computer... sorry I can't share them with you:(

The James has a David Burkes restaurant attached to it...super yummy! Of course, my favorite was dessert. I had "kickin' donuts" Seriously, there's nothing like eating a whole box full of fried dough that comes with your choice of three different flavored icings (so you can fill your own donut)...probably gained a few pounds there. I also went to the Spa by Asha and had a hot stones massage with aromatherapy and a foot bath (which was so needed since I walked all over Michigan street in 4 inch heels) Thanks again, Rachel... It was heavenly!

Chicago is beautiful! I thought it would be kinda gritty and dirty, but it had so many huge flower beds everywhere full of amazing tulips that made me smile:) And the shopping, OMG...but I pretty much stayed away from all the clothing stores (for fear of the compulsive shopping bug). I kept seeing little girls that reminded me of Devon. I guess I would stare a little too long, cause it seemed to freak their mother's out. "No...I'm not gonna kidnap your child...I just miss mine like crazy!"

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  1. Glad you had a wonderful mother's day. Soon Devon will be old enough to celebrate this day with you and you won't have to miss her like crazy anymore. lol.