Devon's Sunday

..on Sundays, Devon can hang out all day with Daddy...
...couldn't resist getting a shot of the shorts with the candy machine. I eventually broke down and got her some m&ms... Devon definitely has a thing for graffiti art. Our walls at home are just as colorful...
After we spent the morning exploring Deep Ellum, we took Devon back to the Dallas Aquarium . It's been 9 months since her last visit. Looking back, I'm amazed at how much she's grown! I mean, she couldn't even walk last time... and this time she was into everything!

...Isaac and I love this shark...doesn't he have the greatest lips?


  1. Hahhahaha! So it was a shark! And I thought I saw a monster.

    Devon looks so cute in the tight rainbow shorts. Do you carry a camera with you everywhere you go? Your photography skill is awesome.