Super Chunky Zippers

Way back in the day (in 1998) I did a maxi denim skirt detailed with super chunky zippers and orange stitching. It had a 36" zipper up the center front and 5" zippered pockets. I used to wear it everywhere with wristbands and a huge (pipe cleaner permed) Afro...pretty funny, huh? Anyways, since I still have a giant basket full of those zippers, I've been thinking about making something for Devon with the 5" zips. I kept imagining her in tight, punk rock pants with fat back zippers... so I knew the fabric needed to be something with stretch, a huge comfort factor, and a substantial weight (to hold those chunky zips) Then finally, I found the perfect knit at Bamboo Wonders. Although, I'm not offering these pants in our Etsy (the look just doesn't work with the rest of our items) I still have tons of 5" zips left to make more for anyone who's interested;)

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  1. How about making a denim skirt with large zipper like the one you had? Would be cute to see it in mini version.