Neighbor from Hell

I'm sorry that this posting is so far from my norm. It's something that has been sort of upsetting me lately, so I figured that writing about it would help. Very early this morning (around 3am) I was awakened by the vicious screaming of profanities from my downstairs neighbor. This being the 5th time that this has happened in a matter of two months! It continues on (for usually) about 2 or 3 hours. His voice being the one most clearly heard, as he screams on and on about how she's ruining his life..or "**CK! **CK!**CK! I'm not going through this again!" Then I hear her crying and glass breaking. It's all very alarming and upsetting, to say the least. Thankfully, Isaac and Devon always manage to sleep blissfully through it all (I'm just the light sleeper, I suppose?) Lucky me:(

The reason I'm certain that its' my downstairs neighbor is because the last time this happened, I grabbed my robe and snuck out the door...following the screaming until I zeroed in on the culprit. My neighbor directly beneath us. Then I went back home and called the police.

Ironically, this is the same exact guy who accused Isaac and I of child abuse last Fall! Devon was throwing one of those temper tantrums that nothing can solve. About 10 minutes into it, we get a knock on our front door. Surprise! It's our downstairs neighbor. He and Isaac go out into the hallway, and I hear them start to exchange some heated remarks as I'm finally starting to get Devon to calm down inside our unit. Isaac told me that he actually had the audacity to accuse us of child abuse and even threatened to call the police on us! One week later, he actually does this (at 2am) while Devon and I are watching TV together (her sleeping schedule had gone out of whack the way that babies schedules often do) The police actually apologised to me, since it was obvious that there was no abuse going on.

Later, I bump into our "neighbor from hell" in the laundry room. I told him that I couldn't believe that he would be so quick to assume the worst of someone whom he had never even met before! He actually attempted to try and tell me that he hadn't accused us of child abuse and that Isaac was a liar! "DO NOT EVER CALL MY HUSBAND A LIAR!" I didn't shout, but made it very apparent that I was totally upset and turned away from him to finish my laundry. But I could see him from my peripheral...just staring at me until I left the room...creepy!

No wonder he was so quick to assume the worst of others when he's "Mr. Domestic Violence" in the flesh. I didn't call the cops last night because I was too tired...drifting in and out of sleep ...getting awakened 3 more times until his screams finally subsided around 6am. What a way to start the day!


  1. Omg, that's awful. Time to egg carton the walls!


  2. Oh dear, I'm sorry this had to happen to your family. I sympathised with his gf too.

    Next time record down his shouting/abusing and pass it to the police, though I hope there won't be a next time.


  3. no-one should have to be exposed to that. if it was an isolated incident it would be easier to let slide, but he sounds like he should be living behind a locked door and not outside yours! pity the woman doesn't up and leave, it might solve the problem. Perhaps the landlord of the bulding (is that correct?) could intervene, as he's obviously upsetting other tenants.

    all that aside, have the most wonderful vacation wherever that may be!

  4. Hi Catherine!

    I did tell the landlord, but she just posted a note on his door, which he apparently ignored...you are so right, though...she should leave! I feel sorry for her but at the same time to put up with the screaming and name calling and whatever else is going on in there...dude...not at ALL healthy.

  5. that really sucks. our neighbor above us is like that too. we actually got the manager to not allow him to renew his lease, so he is moving out next month, woo!

  6. that's awesome! maybe I can do the same?.... with my luck he's already signed another year lease!