Drape or Draw

In between working on orders, I'm trying to come out with some fresh women's wear (at least one piece per week) to get my new Etsy stocked, but I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. Here is a vest that I'm draping for PAYNE. I made it from Japanese double gauze. I'm in love with the "painted blue" shelvage edge that this light grey color way came with. I bought the last bit of cream double gauze from reprodepot and used it on our Tiny Tulip Top (which is now re listed in cotton batiste) I've been realising lately, that I'm much more fond of the pieces that I drape (as opposed to creating patterns from sketches) when I was working in LA, I had to present 30+ flats per week for "new group" ideas. After a while, that starts to drain you and you feel about as creative as a sea cucumber. But draping is like sculpting and I've never been afraid to just HACK into a piece of fabric (even if it is on the expensive side) Since I've left LA behind, I haven't missed having to draw all those silhouettes AT ALL. Nope...draping is much more my speed. Devon however, has recently become obsessed with drawing and is creating a mural in our kitchen. Isaac and I decided that we would let her express herself on that wall....ONLY. She's taking it very seriously...as you can see:)


Forest Friends Sundress

Whew! Our Singapore project finally shipped out today. The Forest Friends Sundress was part of the delivery and I ended up having a tiny bit left over for one more piece to sell in our boutique. It's basically the Garden Party Dress (that I posted on the 19th) but with a different print on the neck piece and pocket. Devon and I had a great time shooting this piece. We've been exploring the upper floors, and the rooftop...there's so many great places to shoot here. Maybe "the mill" isn't so bad after all:)


Comfy Cozy

Devon shows off her new favorite, Bun and her most current "work of art"
It's one of those blustery grey days that make you want to stay in your PJ's, eat soup, and watch movies. Devon's grown out of a lot of her comfy knits, so I made her a pointelle set. It's super cozy (but also very pretty) and the top makes a great undershirt for our Nautical Tank. You can see them layered up here. My niece gave Devon the adorable bunny (who is now best friends with Devon's Lulushka doll) He loves eating fish crackers and his favorite piece is his baby blue and lemon striped bonnet. Thanks Madolyn! Bun is much loved:)


Be back soon!

It kills me when she throws poses like this!!!
I love these tiny tube socks! You can get some for your boo here
Devon and I are taking a little break from the blog this week. I just really need to use all my free time (i.e. Devon's shorter and shorter nap times) on sewing orders....suddenly, I'm swamped! But we'll be back this weekend with some new pieces and new Etsy finds! For now, we'll leave you with some cute pics of Devon workin' this doorstep here...the photos may be dark, but I love the contrast with her super bright outfit (my parents gave her the cute bunny tee for Easter)


I Love Sundays...

Sundays are so nice! It's one of the only days of the week that we get to spend the entire day together as a family. And today was sunny and beautiful! Isaac and I found the cutest little park while driving around the other day, so we decided to head down there and shoot some pics of our new women's wear item, the Ruffles and Lace one-piece:)
This will be a great one for Isaac's mom, she's been wanting to see the outfits in a park like setting (instead of my usual industrial wasteland backdrops)Check out more pics of our Ruffles and Lace one-piece
she's so about to start talking up a storm....
looking so cute all the time can be tiresome...


New way to brush your teeth

I've been trying to get Devon into the habit of brushing her teeth, but she's so inconsistent. Sometimes she'll really want too (because she sees me brushing) sometimes her mouth needs to be pried open. Either way, she always enjoys sitting in the sink and looking at herself in the mirror. So I'm trying different visual aides to get her to stay there a little longer and brush. The wig was a definite hit :)


New Top, New Toy

Devon's custom lulushka doll came today! It's basically Betsy (but with chocolate brown hair) Devon LOVES her. She's been carrying her everywhere today... giving her rides, feeding her cheese...
lol! she'll hate me later for posting this one, but I couldn't resist:) Check out more pics of Devon in our new piece, the Nautical Tank Top I also relisted our Floral Burst Babydoll It seems the client that purchased it decided to cancel the order, claiming that she could no longer afford it. I noticed (a little bit too late) that she had negative feedback on her profile where she did the same thing to another seller. It bothers me because I turned down two other customers that had wanted it as well..anyways, I learned my lesson.


Too Cute!

"Animal Alphabet Cards" by Kachingdesign
"Miss Lovely"!!! She was my special bonus surprise, and also from kachingdesign
"Obsessive" by yaelfran

I just wanted to share with you some of my recent purchases from Etsy. I got the "D" is for Dinosaur and "P" is for Penguin cards to frame and hang in Devon's room. Pearlyn also sent me a bonus card...Miss Lovely! Isn't she adorable? I LOVE getting free gifts on Etsy!!! I got the print "Obsessive" because it perfectly describes how I've been feeling about my projects lately...and she's super cute too:)


Liberty Lawn Dress

Fresh off the sewing machine just this morning, our Liberty Lawn Dress! It's cut from an absolutely beautiful, vintage "Liberty of London", cotton lawn remnant. I'm in love with this print (it has an exceptionally soft hand) and was fortunate enough to stumble upon this antique, cotton crochet trim to accent it with. I had a lot of people wanting the Floral Burst Babydoll, unfortunately I only had enough to make Devon's and one more size 2T. While I'm into the idea of making very limited runs and one of a kind pieces (it makes the items that much more special) this time I felt kinda bad, like I was letting people down. So, I made sure to source enough to make three or four more dresses...still very limited, but I can definitely accommodate a larger size range.


Devon's Easter

This year we celebrated Easter at my sister's house out in the country. In true Texas weather fashion it was rainy and cold in the morning, but by the afternoon, it was sunny and beautiful. Devon was more interested in picking up rocks from the gravel driveway and saying "hello" to the deer hounds, then finding Easter eggs! My mom made Devon the cute, knitted peanut bunny shown above. For now, he sits safe on my desk top until Devon gets a little bit older (since Devon already bit the ear off the other Easter bunny she got... and no...it was not an edible one) It was a good day, and so nice to spend it with family. I really wish I could have posted more family pictures, but unfortunately my photography skills were lacking yesterday:(


Kreativ Blogger Award

We won the "Kreativ Blogger" Award!
Thank you,
ByRheea for making our day:)

The rules for this award are:
1. Add the logo to your blog
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So here are our 8 picks......

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I need a Vacation!

Thoughts become things...so I'm visualizing myself lounging on this beach, watching Devon build castles in the sand, and waiting for Isaac to return with my cocktail. After that, I'll be ready for my back massage and a walk along the beach at sunset. Devon is wearing a vintage bonnet by Freerangebaby with our own Summer Shades Playsuit (a new piece coming to our store next week)
....I'm wearing shoes by Courtneyscastle....
....a swimsuit by Harajuku....
....and for that impromptu photoshoot on the beach, I'll throw on Silvia66's Filigree Knitting Beaded Necklace...


Floral Burst Babydoll

This is my new favorite dress, our Floral Burst Babydoll! These colors look so cute on Devon, she'll probably end up wearing this piece for Easter instead....then again, I'm also making a dress out of a beautiful, vintage, Liberty of London floral print that I found..so we'll see. At least Devon will have lots of options;)


Summertime Shell

I'm so happy I finally did something with this amazing vintage ric-rac trim that I sourced from fellow Etsian JMarieDesigns. Check out more pics of Devon in our Summertime shell. I'm moving onto dresses and jumpers now...stay tuned:)


Crochet Sleeve Thermal

New women's wear! Our Crochet Sleeve Thermal is so perfect with your favorite pair of high waisted jeans :)


Sweet Smiles, Sweet Shopping!

Devon models the Organic Elephant Onesie from Red Prarie Press. I love every single one of the prints available for Little Buddies from artist Rachel Bone. My favorites being the Eat Yar Peas and Carrots and the Organic Doggie and Beaver tee....but if I had my way, Devon would get them all :) You can also visit their Etsy boutique here.


Easter at Etsy

We're taking Devon for her first Easter Egg hunt this year! So I'm thinking about her outfit, of course! She'll be wearing our Sixties Spring Shift and gold strappy sandals....
The perfect Easter basket to go with Devon's outfit...
My Little Canvas Bunny Bucket by HenryandZoe
Devon has a thing for chicks, she would LOVE IT if she found this one in her Easter Bucket..... Easter Chick in a Blue Egg by BossysFeltworks
This year, give Easter Art! It's much better than an Easter Card!
Beautiful rabbit girls NO.3 by Zeng

Forget chocolate! Would'nt it be more fun to find this guy in your Easter Egg?
Powder Blue Peanut Bunny by Makeitawesome


Tiny Tulip Top

Our Tiny Tulip Top is light as a feather and cute as a button!