Comfy Cozy

Devon shows off her new favorite, Bun and her most current "work of art"
It's one of those blustery grey days that make you want to stay in your PJ's, eat soup, and watch movies. Devon's grown out of a lot of her comfy knits, so I made her a pointelle set. It's super cozy (but also very pretty) and the top makes a great undershirt for our Nautical Tank. You can see them layered up here. My niece gave Devon the adorable bunny (who is now best friends with Devon's Lulushka doll) He loves eating fish crackers and his favorite piece is his baby blue and lemon striped bonnet. Thanks Madolyn! Bun is much loved:)


  1. I think it's precious that she takes her new bunny with her everywhere. How funny that she gave him a ride in the baby swing!

  2. Devon is so lucky to have new beautiful clothes to wear all the time (not forgetting adorable toys as well)!