Be back soon!

It kills me when she throws poses like this!!!
I love these tiny tube socks! You can get some for your boo here
Devon and I are taking a little break from the blog this week. I just really need to use all my free time (i.e. Devon's shorter and shorter nap times) on sewing orders....suddenly, I'm swamped! But we'll be back this weekend with some new pieces and new Etsy finds! For now, we'll leave you with some cute pics of Devon workin' this doorstep here...the photos may be dark, but I love the contrast with her super bright outfit (my parents gave her the cute bunny tee for Easter)


  1. Okay, so I feel totally psycho for posting a comment. We just met downstairs in the building (I'm Lauren fro 408), but I have been looking at your store and your blog and I love it. I feel so lazy with my blog, I have three post, so I am really jealous. I love your baby clothes too. Really cute. Anywho, just wanted to say hi and that I love your blog and your etsy store.

  2. YAY! Hi Lauren, thanks so much! I'm going to check out your blog right now:)

  3. I totally agree with Lauren.. Very addictive blog. This is also like a photo album of Devon. I'll watch her grow :)