Drape or Draw

In between working on orders, I'm trying to come out with some fresh women's wear (at least one piece per week) to get my new Etsy stocked, but I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. Here is a vest that I'm draping for PAYNE. I made it from Japanese double gauze. I'm in love with the "painted blue" shelvage edge that this light grey color way came with. I bought the last bit of cream double gauze from reprodepot and used it on our Tiny Tulip Top (which is now re listed in cotton batiste) I've been realising lately, that I'm much more fond of the pieces that I drape (as opposed to creating patterns from sketches) when I was working in LA, I had to present 30+ flats per week for "new group" ideas. After a while, that starts to drain you and you feel about as creative as a sea cucumber. But draping is like sculpting and I've never been afraid to just HACK into a piece of fabric (even if it is on the expensive side) Since I've left LA behind, I haven't missed having to draw all those silhouettes AT ALL. Nope...draping is much more my speed. Devon however, has recently become obsessed with drawing and is creating a mural in our kitchen. Isaac and I decided that we would let her express herself on that wall....ONLY. She's taking it very seriously...as you can see:)


  1. artist in the making :)

  2. Hey---I just noticed that you can leave comments.......
    Anyway, it looks like you guys will have a bit of repainting to do before you leave the mill :)

  3. Did she come out with any new design ideas for you?

    I hate drafting when I was a fashion design student myself. Sewing is still my favorite. :)