Too Cute!

"Animal Alphabet Cards" by Kachingdesign
"Miss Lovely"!!! She was my special bonus surprise, and also from kachingdesign
"Obsessive" by yaelfran

I just wanted to share with you some of my recent purchases from Etsy. I got the "D" is for Dinosaur and "P" is for Penguin cards to frame and hang in Devon's room. Pearlyn also sent me a bonus card...Miss Lovely! Isn't she adorable? I LOVE getting free gifts on Etsy!!! I got the print "Obsessive" because it perfectly describes how I've been feeling about my projects lately...and she's super cute too:)


  1. Love this adorable piece by yaelfran. I've check out her store and hearted her. Thanks for sharing!


  2. no prob:)yaelfran makes the cutest little people<3