Happy Birthday, Devon!

The last birthday of the month...Devon's 2 years old today, and she had a great one! Her insanely cute, birthday outfit was passed down to her from Cousin Frankie. Cousin Zoe made her this perfect accessory, a garland birthday crown with a white rose:) She got presents on her "birthday eve" (partly because the girls were excited to give Devon her gifts, and partly because she walked in on them while they were preparing to wrap presents) I don't think she really appreciates the whole "unwrapping" part of gift giving yet, and she was a little weirded out when we tried to get her to blow the candle out on her birthday cupcake (but she ate the whole thing in like 2 seconds) On the big day, we took her to the Santa Ana zoo, she LOVED it!
The birthday girl (at the zoo) with her Daddy, Auntie Heidi, Cousin Frankie and Cousin Zoe. Mommy is behind the camera, as usual:)...the best view in the bird sanctuary......a day full of exploration......trying new things......turtle gets a kiss......and Daddy gets a kiss...


  1. This post is so sweet; I want to laugh and cry at the same time!

    I'm so glad Devon had a great birthday. All her cousins and Aunts seemed so nice! The pic of her kissing the giant turtle almost made me... faint. Especially when she looked so tiny beside it. LOL! Bravo!

    Thanks for sharing Devon's birthday with us, Emily. :)


  2. happy birthday devon! from penelope and heather! and we love love love your birthday dress!!!!!!! let's play soon!