Zoe's Jacket

YAY! It finally stopped raining long enough for us to have a photo shoot for Zoe's jacket. She picked out the cute black and white gingham, and requested a black lining of some sort. Luckily, I had this great chenille (just waiting to be made into something) and with the addition of the circular ruffle back peplum, it started to take on a very "Hansel and Gretel" type feel. This caused me to remember my black and shocking pink Tyrolean trim (that I got from Trim Goddess a while back) and my carved oak toggles from Wooden Treasures.


  1. so cute! i like the pic with devon and the mask

  2. Cool jacket! Zoe certainly carry it off perfectly. The 4th pic made me giggle though.. Devon the little monkey! How adorable. :)


  3. Very cute! And she is really striking the Top Model poses too! So cute!