Farmers Market Muse

There's something really comforting about this brown flannel plaid. It makes me think of grandpa farmers (not the cranky kind) the jolly ones that make you lemonade, hang out on the porch swing, and tell you stories. It was this train of thought that led me to recall a great place to shoot, Sam's Farmers Market! Snapping away in front of the mural was a given, but when I brought Devon over to the produce, she totally worked it out like a pro. I was like "Let's get a shot over here by these lemons"

"OK, Momma" but she doesn't just stand by the lemons, she picks some up and cradles them for a super sweet shot:)


  1. omg she is such a DOLL!!!! very cute sweater too, perfect for this cold weather <3

  2. She is so adorable..I love the look on her face with the mural..

  3. You definitely chose the perfect spot to photograph this outfit. And I agree, friendly grandpas are the best!