Dress Madness

I finally shipped out all these wool plaid dresses to Sweet William (wish Devon could have kept one cause it makes a great Thanksgiving frock) This was the first time I've sized production all the way up to 6Y and the dresses looked so huge to me. I'm going to try and knock out some new product for our Etsy for Christmas, but I've still got a couple more dress styles I'm working on for Sweet William (and I decided that this Christmas I'm going to try and hand make the majority of my gifts) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. emily!!!! these are beautiful!!!!! i miss you!!!

  2. Thats so great Emily!! Those dresses are awesome!
    Handmade gifts are the best, if I could I totally would that. That is really great what ur doing!

  3. SUPER WOMAN!!!!
    Thats amazing! wow!!
    They are so beautiful, you have to keep one for Devon...

  4. They're adorable all laying together like that. You've been busy, girl! I agree, handmade Christmas presents are by far the best kind.

  5. Gorgeous dresses! Though I bet you were pleased to send them off! I love the shots of Devon, particularly the first one, so cute.