On Location

Lately, I've been trying to find different places to shoot new pieces on Devon. It's so easy to just throw them on her and shoot around the house, but I think we're both getting bored of that. Isaac reminded me of this great tiled wall, the perfect backdrop for our Candy Sprinkled Thermals. It's actually the facade of M&L Fabrics and I'm usually there at least twice a week (right now they're having a holiday sale so I'm stocking up) I found a great navy gabardine that I'm going to turn into a modish dress, to pair with this awesome little 60's vintage vest. I bought it for Devon 2 years ago and now it finally fits her. It's going to be her Christmas outfit... I'll make sure and post pics:)

I also wanted to get some impromptu shots (of Devon just doing her thing) in our 80's Sweater Dress, and she had been asking to get some new library books lately. We live right around the corner from the Euclid Branch, so we've been going there a lot (before that I hadn't been to the library in years) It's perfect for Devon, since I sometimes have a hard time guessing which books she'll love and which ones will just end up lonely on the shelf. Getting her first library card was a big moment for her, she's always got to wear it around her neck for the entire visit, and spends the majority of her time there on the computer playing Science games.

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  1. Wow you rock,,I love the outfits espically the dress,,but how can they not be cute with such adorable model like Devon...have a fantastic weekend..