Boob Job

boob job

...or really the total reconstruction of the holiday dress that I made last year for my sister-in-law, Heidi. It's a fully lined wool and velvet dress. I completely detached the back zipper (which is 23" and piped on either side with black velvet) I took in 1" from the sides, created a major peg by chopping off 1 1/2" at the hem, reworked the neckline, added fish eye darts to the back bodice, and chopped 1/2''' off of the back sleeve. The hardest part was adding cups to the bodice (kinda freaked me out when I had these gaping holes cut into it...no turning back now!) but lucky for me, I was able to pull it off in the end

mom anddevon 2

..and this is the finished garment. Isn't it a sweet shot of Devon? Even though she's without a top (you know how kids like to run around the house shirt free) I hardly ever get any pics of she and I together, since I'm always behind the camera.


  1. The dress is stunning! I like the tweaks you made, although I would have been freaked out trying to change it.

  2. Wow what a great job,,you are diffently a seamstress..and know your stuff,,you rock..and oh I know all about half clothed toddlers..as my grandson is alway half naked running around..Have a crafty weekend,,

  3. oh it turned out awesome!!!