Pointelle set and pet

Here's a little update on kids stuff:
I just shipped a size run of our organic pointelle sets to Little Bean Shop.
They look great layered with pretty, floral cotton dresses...perfect for transition into Spring (which I'm finally beginning to sew on now for our Etsy Shop)
Look for Devon Rose's reopening at the end of the month:)
A little family update:
Devon wanted everyone to meet her new friend...Boo Boo!


  1. beautiful creatures and beautiful fish! i love the pink rocks. ;)

  2. Yeah! Glad to know Devonrose will be opening soon.. In fact I was waiting for it to open because I plan to do an etsy feature in my blog soon. This time round the theme is going to be 'something for your little ones' and I HAVE to feature your shop! ;)

    Boo Boo is adorable! Her house looks so pretty too!!


  3. Your blog made me smile just now, like it always does! You are a very smart girl for thinking ahead to plan for spring. And I think Boo Boo is a cutie! He's got a pretty sweet home too.

    Thanks for sharing my excitement about the wedding! Your comments are always so sweet. ♥

  4. I'm pretty sure this means you have a feature coming up;)

    Can't wait to see them!

    Sara Sophia