sunglasses 1
...is how we're feeling most days
So we've been shooting a lot, trying to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and snails.
shoes and snail

Sorry to disappear, we have limited internet access right now, but I'm still trying to get new product up quickly...fiending to go fabric shopping (right now, it's all about window shopping)
Devon had a growth spurt this week, I think. She going to be starting pre-school on the 22nd. We love this place! It has a petting zoo with swans, peacocks, the biggest tepee EVER, and a reading nook that looks like a hobbit house. First thing out of her mouth was " Wow, Mom! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!"


  1. She's not one bit creeped out by that snail slithering across her palm, is she? What a little nature girl, I love it! Her preschool sounds wonderful. I would love to curl up and read in a hobbit house!

  2. How exciting,,what a big step it is for both of you,,and that is so cool of her with the snail..