Textured Denim Pieces

denim trousers 2

denim pants 1

denim dress 1

denim dress 2

Been working on Spring stuff for Sweet William. I was looking for engineer stripes, but found this beautiful textured denim much more interesting (and it's crisp, but still has a really soft hand). So happy I still had enough left over to make some cute little trousers for Devon to wear (since suddenly she's growing out of all of her pants) Just wanted to say that I'm really sorry I haven't been on it lately with posting. Things seem all over the place and next week Devon starts school. Will she cry or will I?


  1. The outfits are adorable..and you both will probly cry,,but both of you will make it,,sending huggs..

  2. The little pants look so comfy. Good luck to you girls on the first day of school! :-)