Shopping and Sunday

bobby 1
We didn't do too much Black Friday shopping, except some great deals on underwear, a couple cute sets of footie pjs, this really cute vintage piece, and a hamster. She named him "Bobby." Shown above is actually the orginal Bobby (who sadly ended up being extremly agressive) so meet Bobby #2 who's much, much tinier (so biting is not at all scarey but in fact, rather endearing... or at least to me)
She's very happy with him, so we've spent a great Sunday together playing with her new friend and shooting some new pieces for our Etsy. You can view them here and here:)

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  1. I didnt do much friday shopping infact I just went to Joanns and got some flannel fabric for some bibs and blankets,,I LOVE the picture of her hands infront of the cage,,she is so cute,,and what a very cute addition to your family,,,have a fabulous day..