Devon Rose

butterfly dress fingernails

butterfly dress yellow wall

butterfly dress hug

butterfly dress closeup
Wow! It's been almost 5 months since our last posting. My apologies (although it's been nearly impossible to keep up with anything on-line being without Internet access for so long) but now that things are somewhat settled, I wanted to share some new photos of Devon wearing her freshly made butterfly dress and houndstooth leggings (both I constructed from fabrics that I found at my new job, Britex) although I guess it's not really new anymore since I've been there for 7 months now...my how time flies! It continues to be a constant source of inspiration (being around all those gorgeous textiles) and I've been newly promoted to 2nd floor supervisor. Isaac is very happy at his job at Levis, and Devon is growing by leaps and bounds in our new home in San Francisco's Chinatown. She loves her new school, has tons of new friends and is the funniest little chatterbox! Her school is literally around the corner from our apartment and Isaac and I work right next door to each other in Union Square (an 8 minute walk) We eat lunch together everyday in the park. It's so amazing to me how well everything fell into place for us here in beautiful San Francisco...so good to be home:)


  1. I'm so glad you guys are happy! It sounds like a dream-come-true. And little Devon is getting big! She looks very content. Congrats on making it back home and settling in!

  2. I don't know if I've commented before, but I'm so glad that you are blogging again- I've missed this place! Devon looks like little lady now! Love her hair:)

  3. also, that butterfly dress is amazing!