Shot in SF

I wanted to share some pictures I've shot during my time alone in San Francisco. I've been here since March 11th (without Devon or Isaac) and now it's finally only a week away from their arrival and the start of our new life together in SF. It's been a really interesting experience, even though at times it has also been very lonely. I've made some amazing new friends and keep bumping into old friends (from like 8 years ago) randomly on the street (one of the many things that I love about San Francisco) But it's like a new friend just told me the other day "San Francisco...it's just what you need"

This is what I see first thing most mornings, the ground floor of Britex....fabric heaven (there are 3 more floors of fabric happiness)This floor is all wools and silks and thousand dollar laces. You can get Chanel fabrics, Missoni, Etro, Proenza Schouler, and the list goes on and on...
I work on the second floor, it's all beautiful cottons, linens and amazing knits. We have a wall of Liberty of London (which always makes me think of Lucy and Catherine) The owner of Britex appointed me do the visuals on the floor as well. I made this mood board with Italian imported cottons, satins, and eyelets.
Speaking of visuals, I just had to share this amazing window display that went up at the Anthropologie on Market Street. It's 48,000 corks made into trees, vines, and various foliage. These pictures don't do it justice at all. It's easily the most amazing visual display I've ever seen...



....and then there's also tons of great street graffiti all over San Francisco. This guy stuck in my mind because it's how I felt on Mother's Day. Not only because I was alone and couldn't be with Devon on that day, but also because I had accidentally phoned my own Mom at 1am (I was texting a friend and accidentally brushed across her number on my touch screen without realizing it) She called me back, but it went straight to my voice mail. So, not only did I wake her up at an ungodly hour, but it made her worry the rest of the night (and all morning on Mother's Day) until I finally got the message and called her back...not my finest day...so sorry Mom!
These shots are my favorite, they are what I visualized when I decided we needed to go back to San Francisco...

...and this is the very spot I was at when I decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Isaac:)


  1. Wow you do work in paradise,,how awesome..and those SF pictures,,I love it,,there is just something about living by the ocean that seems to calm my soul..I am so happy you will re-united with Isaac and Devon in a week,,Have a awesome week,,and many happy huggs coming your way..

  2. I love Anthropologie. Their displays are always the best! :)

  3. Oooh girl you are so close to having your family all in one spot! I bet you are bursting with excitement. I'm glad to see that you've enjoyed your time alone in SF though. What beautiful photos- especially the last ones of the ocean. How magical and romantic!

    Also, is your new job perfect for you or what?