Sweet Mila



Here's a sweet and simple spotted dress I made (modeled by my friends daughter, Mila Lilith) She was a little shy, but so beautiful...I know that she and Devon will be great friends (only 10 more days until we are together again) This will be my last style available at Sweet William for this summer... meanwhile, I've been working at the most amazing fabric store, Britex. It's one of the best in the country (if not the entire world) and I'm constantly meeting customers who have flown in from all over the globe just to shop there. Being constantly surrounded by all this amazing fabric has been very inspiring and I cannot wait for everyone to see our Fall line....now that Devon will be four years old (and a little lady) I want to move the line's aesthetic from sweet to edgy.


  1. Sounds like working in heaven,,,I am glad you are doing good and that you only have 10 mores days which I am sure will fly by,,,Love the dress..

  2. i love checking in on the growth and progress of your artistic life. wonderful to know you are coming north. it's true, San Francisco has just what one needs.