Year Of The Dragon

chinese new year banner
Happy Chinese New Year! It's my favorite sign of the Chinese zodiac, so when one of my co-workers suggested a Chinese New Year themed board for this months floor visual, I jumped on it. Gregory made the gnome for the "do not touch" sign (who I originally found in the mouth of my dragon) but I just couldn't deal...this is super serious stuff!  Even though I'm not born under the year of the dragon (I'm an Ox) I have a dragon tattoo wrapped around my forearm, as well as the Chinese character for "dragon" tattooed on the center of my chest. To me it's always been about what the dragon represents, which is "inner-strength" and the symbol for "rebirth of the soul" (also it's not really very sexy to have "Ox" square in the middle of your chest either) The dragon was so completely appropriate for the time in my life when I got these tattoos. I had been slacking around forever, trying to figure out what really inspired me and then it hit me (and I worked my ass off for a really long time) but had a great time doing it as well! I got to the very top of that mountain, then decided to jump off. I've spent a lot of wasted time regretting that decision. Now I've finally come full circle and see that it all had to happen... it was another lesson that I needed to learn and it's finally hit me again like a BRICK... and I think I need another dragon tattoo surrounded by roses:)

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  1. Awesome,,,I was also born in the year of the ox,,I am so glad you have found your nitche,,as I love seeing what your creative mind is up to..give Devon a hugg for me,,and I cant wait to see what you have been working on..huggs