We're back in So Cal

Devon's been hangin' out with her cousin's Frankie and Zoey
...finally got a chance to get out of the car (in old town Albuquerque) on our looooong road trip!
...watering Grandma Gloria's garden in Las Vegas...
Our new bedroom view in Aliso Viejo, CA
...enjoying the water with Daddy at Laguna beach...
...this particular part of the beach is called a thousand steps (literally, you have to take a thousand steps to get down there....KILLS coming back up)
good to be back :)


  1. Ohhhh I'm glad you're back! I'd missed you soOOooo much and checking in almost everyday! lol.


  2. you are kidding me that you live in aliso viejo!!!!! my in laws live there and i am 10 minutes away!!!!! i did a post about you and devon on my other blog!

  3. Welcome back! The pictures are delightful, especially Devon watering the garden in LV. It just looks so idyllic and peaceful, I can almost hear the crickets singing. Your new residence looks like a beautiful place to roost!

  4. a playdate would be great! when is devon's birthday? is she 2 or almost 2. Penelope turned 2 in april. so she's an aries also! let's connect sometime. i see you went to a thousand steps.....i've been there many times!

  5. Devon turns 2 on August 30th..she's a Virgo, was supposed to be a Leo (but since Isaac and I are both Leo) I think it's a great balence. We'll have some sort of b-day party for sure, we would love for you and miss P to attend:)