Devon's last photo shoot

...in Dallas. We'll be making that long trip back to Southern California, so we won't be posting for a little while. I'll miss these concrete, wasteland backdrops (I thought they were a nice contrast to the sweet, pretty children's clothes) but we'll be living by the beach, so that should make for some beautiful sets. Devon's wearing our Sportster Pullups. I found the polo (and cute little mary jane sneakers) at Target. Pretty cute for only $10 total.


  1. we just got our top!!! it's so cute! miss P loves the birdies!!!! can't wait to get something else.

  2. Lauren Sewalt20/7/09 11:29

    So are you guys in Cali yet? You have had a note posted on your door for a week now, so I assumed you guys had packed up and left. It was just a random note about dog crap or something. So does Pam know you guys are gone?

    Well, I did enjoy the few times we talked. I wish I was getting to move to Cali... Have a great summer!

  3. thanks Lauren! I enjoyed our talks too, hope you find an awesome place in August and kisses to cricket:)