Read any good books lately?

I've actually picked up a couple, weird cause it's something that I rarely do now (sorry to say) But my sister-in-law, Heidi has inspired me. Somehow between going back and forth between Santa Barbara and Aliso Viejo for work, being a mother to 7 year old twins, and having her love in Las Vegas, she manages to read a lot! When I asked her how she found the time, she said that reading was her passion and she makes time to fit it in every chance she gets (even reading in the shower) Hmmm, maybe I should try a little? All this sewing (all the time) is gonna make me a dull girl. So, I saw a book on the coffee table that caught my attention " A child called It" after reading the back I put it down. It's the story of one of the worst cases of child abuse in California's history. No...I wanna start off with something a little lighter, please. Of course, I ended up reading a few pages when Devon was napping and got sucked in. This child was stabbed, choked, forced to eat feces, poisoned and never got fed meals. Somehow he survives it all...but this goes on for YEARS. Heidi and I just have to wonder "What was wrong with people in the 70's"??? I mean, how can this child's teachers, classmates and neighbors not intervene? This kid wasn't even fed! You would think a starved child that's forced to wear the same clothing everyday, and covered in bruises would be a concern at school? Of course now it's the extreme opposite. For example, Heidi was telling me about a guy that had his children taken away from him because of an innocent photo that he took of them playing in the bath tub! Anyways, I ended up reading the whole book in a couple days. First time I've done that in years. Now I'm finishing up another book that Heidi lent me "The Most Beautiful Book In The World" It's a collection of eight novellas (perfect for those like me who struggle to find time to read) I REALLY liked this one, it's perfectly bittersweet. But I don't want to spoil it for anyone so I'll leave it at that. The next book in line? "Goddesses, Whores, Wives, and Slaves" (Women in classical antiquity)
Devon's current favorite read is much larger than she is and called "My Fairy Princess Palace" It's a pop-up book with paper dolls. She's really into making them take naps in their little fairy beds (she makes snoring noises for them) and having them eat from their pop-up custom kitchen (yum-yum noises here)


  1. oh i love paper dolls and i love that photo

  2. I can never leave my house without a book and my mp3 player. Those books sound like a good read. But still, they can't be compared to the one Devon is holding.

    Happy Thanksgiving! :)