Devon's Sunday

Devon misses her Pappa (as does her Momma) She was just so used to having him around to play with all day long, and now he usually works 12 hour days. So I've decided to stop working on the wholesale side of it all for the holidays. I can give Devon all the attention she needs and still fit in new Etsy samples during her nap times (and I want to start working on our women's line again in December) Believe me, she's so much happier now that the sewing machine isn't going for 8 hours a day!
Devon loves Sundays! Pappa goes into work late, and the twins and Auntie Heidi are here all day. It's always a great time to play dress up (isn't this little ballerina leotard the cutest?) and spend time outside with the dogs...
One of Devon's favorite things to do is help Auntie Heidi make lunch. Today was egg sandwiches. Devon loves fruit, bread, cheese, eggs and yogurt. But, it's really hard for me to get her to eat meat (weird cause Isaac and I are huge meat eaters) she does love bologna, though...not sure if that counts...
calming down for nap time:)


  1. it amazes me when kids eat healthy on their own, yknow? not that i don't want them to eat junk, lol. but it's almost effortless sometimes. then again maybe it's the parents who, from the start, set the kids on the healthy diet? that way they automatically eat right? hm.. gotta keep this in mind for when i have kids, lol.

    ps, i love love love the print on the bedcovers!

  2. It's awesome that you've got your priorities in order. Little Devon seems like such a happy kid. The nap time photo is SO cute, I almost squealed!

  3. Boy, I can never get enough of Devon! Does she enjoy dancing? Would you consider sending her to a dance class? I wonder what she will grow up to be. Now I wish I have a little sister like Devon so I can doll her up everyday :)