Tiddlywinks and new Pinks

I'm so excited to give Devon her new Easter bunny from Tiddlywinks ! After all, she's not just a lone bunny, she's got a whole playset with four of the most precious lacy skirts, an equally adorable felt pea coat, and her own bitty chenille pillow with blankie (all wrapped up in a little boucle tote bag) This is my second adoption from Tiddlywinks (we already gave Sunny a home) She arrived very quickly and is even prettier in person (very impressed with the craftsmanship of these dolls) Originally, it was her outfit that sold me, but now I can't stop looking at her face! There's something about lining everything up together (eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth) that's just undeniably cute !
Shop Update: It's been really rainy and grey lately, just horrible for picture taking! I haven't quite captured the shot's I wanted for our new Spotted Skinnys. They're so bright and happy, they need to be shot outdoors for sure. I've also got a new pink and blue rose (vintage print and OOAK) skirt that needs to be shot as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny day:)


  1. ooooh my gosh, i hate the rain too!

    i went to disneyland on saturday and it TOTALLY ruined my experience. :( i was soaked. i couldn't "not" go either because it was Deaf Awareness day there and it was an assignment for my american sign language class and that event was only that day. boo!

  2. those are the cutest dolls! i might need one for pip!

  3. Sounds like you got the bunny for yourself and not for Devon. lol. Shhhhsss... I'm not telling anyone. Who doesn't love sweet plushies anyway. ;)

    It's been really sunny and humid here. I'm hoping for some light showers!

  4. Amazing! love your pictures and your girl is adorable!

    (I'm following you from the ETSY forum)