Trade and Giveaway

I'm always excited to make a good trade on Etsy. This time it was with Beth from Lemon Cadet. I'm so in love with how Devon looks running around in this little romper with an orange, curly tail bum...priceless! It also makes me a little nostalgic as the "bird bean" character sort'a reminds me of Barbapapa (only much prettier in it's lovely bird print) I had already bought Beth's Yeti Tee for Devon a while back (which Devon LOVES and always has to do her "Yeti impression" whenever she wears it) Check it out here. You should also visit Lemon Cadet's blog Project: project and (just so you know) Beth is not only talented, but super sweet as well....thanks for the perfect trade, Beth!

Another great children's Etsy boutique, Hart + Sew is having an awesome giveaway! You can have a chance to win any dress from her entire boutique which is stocked full of beautiful, handpicked vintage (and adorable handmade items as well) Win your daughter a gorgeous dress, just in time for Easter!

so cute..

and comfy!


  1. Ah. I love the back.

  2. SO CUTE!! The last pic is priceless! You just remind me that I need to do my etsy feature soon! :D

    Have a fun weekend guys!

  3. Lurvs your blog!
    Inspiring! I have a little princess myself started to sew because of her. Devon and her make me think of eachother.
    Keep up your great work, you make me want to reach for my goals and go for it!
    ( just need to get better at computer friendly!!)
    She's gorgeous, keep it up you gots lots lovig it...
    Well I do..you opened this whole can of worms for me! Lovinns it!

  4. First post ever..
    Did it yeah!
    Your fabu! Love love your stuff. inspiering...You just have a great blog and site. Wishes I was not so computer stupid. I would love to be able to have that. WILL one day!! my goal to have it running and going. Your Devon is just beautiful, her and my Melodie would make some good buds, cheeky girls.
    I think its fan what you do, keep it up...
    Maybe one day we will be able to do trades!! ;) You never know right? anything can happen.

  5. oh that is cute! i am always a fan of all things barbapapa-like. ;)