Meet the new Mr. Boo

I'm very sad to report that the original Mr. Boo Boo (the goldfish) didn't make it. I'm not really sure what happened, one day he was swimming around happily and then.....not. I figured something more cuddly would be a better choice this time, and "Boo Boo" (apparently Devon REALLY likes that name) seems to fit this guy much better, as he has a huge chunk missing from his ear (you can see it in the middle pic) The former owners had bought Boo from a breeder along with another buck and (even though they had been neutered) they started to fight once they had matured (hence the missing chunk) but Mr. Boo is a lover, not a fighter with everyone else. Devon loves to give him lots of kisses and carrots:)


  1. Mr. Boo Boo the bunny looks so cuddly! And he looks HUGE next to little Devon, haha.

  2. How cute is that? I think its the biggest Rabbit I have ever seen its just as big as her! Perfect time for Easter..Lucky girl!
    Sasha just drew a mansion for his Bunny that he wants, husband is a magician told him he could have one...I though hmmm nice dad, but then to see the glow in his eyes...so we might be with a bunny too!! Anywho...BEautiful as always

  3. sweet photos :) Mr. boo is a big bunny! I used to have angora rabbits to spin their wool...


  4. Omg, at first I thought Boo Boo was a soft toy because he looks so HUGE beside Devon! They look really adorable together!!


  5. Wow, is he a French Lop? He looks really huge!

    Oh yeah, two male rabbits will never get along, even if they've been neutered. *shakes head* Men.