Moving Again

We finally found our new home! Let's hope this is the last move for a VERY long time. I know that Isaac and I are over this transient lifestyle, I can't even imagine what the lack of stability is doing to poor Devon. We took her to see the new place on Friday, and she went nuts running all over the place....she's gonna love it! I'm super excited to start shopping around for idea's on home decorating (probably going to have a lot of post's on that from here on out) I don't know if I'm going to have Internet access for awhile (so I might have to disappear for a few) but we'll be back soon and I'll be working on new items for the shop while we're away! bye bye!


  1. email me and tell me about it! oh and the dress looks so cute on devon!

  2. Looks like shes in a dream.....
    Alice in Wonderland...