Bye Bye Birdie!

I'm so sad that I had to deactivate the listing for our newest little Birdies and Blossoms dress today. I discovered, to my dismay that the buttons (adorable as they may be) don't hold up in the wash. Unfortunately, the shank back of this wooden button is only glued on...Boooo! I'm going to do a little test this weekend and see how these little birdies hold up to getting 2 holes drilled into them. They're just too cute to go to waste and after all, I had them shipped to me all the way from China.


  1. what a sweet dress. yes, wise to hit pause until you get sorted out! good luck!

  2. It's such a shame. These birdies buttons look too adorable to go to waste! Maybe you can use them to make some accessiories for Devon? :)

    I can't help but notice Devon has grown into a beautiful young lass. Does she cry less now?

  3. thanks Rheea! she has gotten a lot better about not crying:) I'm so proud of her, can't believe how fast she's growing though..makes me happy and sad at the same time.