Beach Front

Sorry we've been neglecting our blog, but all this moving around has taken a toll on us. We're still in Orange Co. but we're now beach front (temporarily) until we can find our new permanent home (which hopefully will be in the next week or so) I've also been tied up with sewing, and just shipped off a size run of new ballerina dresses! Look for them exclusively at Little Bean. As soon as we moved into our new temporary pad, Devon and I both caught nasty colds, but we're doing great now and enjoying being on the beach...
...playing with friends...
...and eating some of our favorite things:)


  1. I really want one of those ballerina dress!!!
    So sweet! Bussy woman you are.
    I still cannot believe the size of your bunny!!!!
    good luck with everything!

  2. we need to come visit!!! oh and yesterday when i opened my newsletter from little bean....there you were!!!

  3. Aww.. I love these dresses! I was wishing my friends who just gave birth are having girls so I can get them one of your cutest dresses but they're all boys! :(

    All the best in finding a perfect new house!

    Rheea & Nono

  4. Adorable dresses! Besides the lack of a permanent residence and cold Devon looks very happy where she is!

  5. I love that sweater! The button detail is sooo cute!
    Can't wait to browse your shop after Bun gets here... will have to see if it is a boy or girl! ;)

  6. would you make one of those ballerina dresses in a big girl size?
    womens size 14