Young Poets Blouse

It's been a little while since we've had a chance to have a long shoot together, and Devon was totally workin' it out for me today in our new OOAK Young Poets Blouse. I'm trying to get some different sizes in shop for our one of a kind pieces, besides our standard size 2T (Devon's size) This top is a 3 to 4T. I'm also cutting this body into a dress in a beautiful, black cotton eyelet. I'm not sure how well an all black children's dress will sell on Etsy, but I just got Devon some awesome black vintage sandals that need a dress to go with:)


  1. Oh but black is soo great!
    Do it, trust me you will have great hits with it.
    Looking forward to seeing it.
    Great job on everything, looking very nice.
    Always love coming to see your blog, its my daily routine, :)
    Your new womans line is looking really pantastic too....
    Have a great mothers day this weekend. Hope Devon spoiles you with all her lovin..

  2. It sounds sad, but sometimes I think I just want to hurry and get married and have a baby so you could design stuff for my boy/girl! :P

    I'm seriously lovely this blouse. My BP and I went shopping all of Thursday and I went crazy trying a lot of ruffles on, haha. Bows and ruffles... I don't know, but I'm falling in love with them!

  3. it turned out super cute!!! and a black dress i love it!!!