Locks and Frocks

The day after Devon wore little hair buns, left her with beautiful,wavy locks...
...the perfect accessory for these new, feminine frocks...
Our Fall Flowers Dress will only be available at Little Bean and Sweet William, unless your name is Pippi :)
...angelic Gasa Flutter Sleeve Dress...
...Devon loves kittys...
...I love Devon Rose...


  1. She looks like she's defying gravity in that first pic. Her waves are so pretty, and so is that sweet little frock! This is such an adorable post.

  2. you got the gasa dress!!!! it is still in my shopping cart at little bean. that last pic of her is adorable!!!!!!!! do you want to go to the park this week? let me know if you have any free days

  3. Love the new dresses! So cute! Looks like she is loving them too!

  4. Absolutely love the pic with Devon kissing the Kitty.. so sweet!!! And.. Pippi is so lucky. I can still remember her cute pout. ;)