Jeans and Java

Isaac found himself the perfect new job! Congrats baby! He's now the store manager for the Java Jeans Bar in Anaheim. It's a high-end denim boutique and bistro in one. Coffee, wine, gelato, denim...what else do you need?
My baby's always been a denim kind of guy. His last job required him to wear a suit and he hated that. So, first day on the job and he's already got the complimentary pair of selvage denim Diesel's. They have zero over locked seams. Everything is french (encased) or cut at the selvage edge of the fabric. These retail at $350.00 and go for up to $700 in Japan...so cute in his new jeans!
Also, those of you who have children, they're having a 60% off sale on all Junk Food tee's. You know I couldn't resist, here's the one I got for Devon...
Anaheim is lovely! While Isaac met with the owner, Devon and I were suppose to be grabbing lunch at the bistro. But, Devon feel asleep again and I ended up munching in the car while I took in these views....
The cutest little hummingbird came to drink nectar from these red flowers. It would have been the perfect nature shot , but of course as soon as the camera came out, he flew away:(
Devon woke up in like 20 minutes. Here she is cranky.... "I just woke up, so could you please not take pictures for once, Mom?"
...much happier with her gelato at the Java Jeans Bar...


  1. Haha, did she really say that? How funny! :) And congrats to your husband on getting the job. That's seriously an interesting twist to a bar. :)

    I never realized just how close you guys are to Corona. I bet we've probably ran into each other before and never knew it. :P

    Belen ♥

  2. That DOES seem like a really cool job! I want a free pair of $350 jeans! I hope that works out really well for him. And I have to agree with you, Anaheim seems like a very lovely place based on what I've seen (which is not much- just pictures). I love California. ♥

    Oh and about the squirrels. I probably will make more. When I do, I'll let you know and I'll reserve one for you if you still want it. Because I would be totally honored to have one of my little squirrelies living in your house. :-)

  3. congrats Issac! what a cool looking place. i need to go check it out!!!