Time off

I wanted to apologise for sort of ignoring my blog lately. I'm just spending so much time sewing now that I feel like whenever I have a spare second, I should be playing with Devon. Even right now, I had to sneak out of bed so that I could try and fit in this post before she wakes up...yea,
we still sleep together.
So this is just a little update. We took Devon to the Spectrum (a couple days in a row) first time was just so she coud do a little shoppping...
... ride the giant carousel and the ferris wheel. I really think that she is at her happiest...EVER..when she's on a carousel (but when it's time to get off) that is her darkest hour.
My remedy is always distraction, and so red velvet and cookies-n-creme cupcakes where in order. We ended up going back the next day to meet up with Heather and Pip. Devon was supposed to have a play date, but she fell asleep in the car. She slept through our entire lunch, and then woke up with a bloody nose. She had never had one before, and was totally put off by my attempts to clean things up. Anyway things got bad (and very bloody) so we had to leave before she and Pip could play:(
Looks like I'll have to cut this post short, a little voice is calling "Meee meee!" I love the mornings. She always leaps out of bed, big smile and arms stretched out for hugs!


  1. I think that spending quality time with your little one is a perfectly legitimate reason for not blogging. So don't worry, we understand. Especially when you come back with cute pictures. The fact that she's at her happiest on the carousel is just darling.

  2. look how happy she looks with her cupcake and horse! !! thanks again for the dress and next time Penelope wants to go to the dinosaur park!

  3. I had bloody nose pretty frequent when I was young and it always freaked my parents out. Ha. Thank God it stopped as I grew older.

    Oh no, poor Pipi didn't get to play with Devon again (did she pout?) I'm sure they will do it again soon. Glad Devon had fun.. she is such a darling. I want a hug from her too!


  4. lucky girl.. a carousel ride and a cupcake.. coolest mom ever! :)