Crab Claw?

I just finished up an order for my Women's Etsy boutique; box pleat harem pants, cinched silk tee, and my OOAK Wood grain sequin top. The pants were a challenge since I completely finished the first pair and (as I was prepping them for shipment) they got damaged. It's the first time that ever happened so (with as many things as I've been sewing up as of late) I should count my blessings. I do admit that I kinda freaked out for about 20 minutes or so. It just sucks so bad to completely finish a piece and then have to start all over again....but whatever. I decided to make it a totally positive thing, and I re cut them in a super soft, bamboo french terry (first pair was 100% cotton baby rib) They turned out so supple, and just hung better in every way. I tried them on and they're like super sexy leggings with a dropped crotch. I know I'm totally bragging right now, but I really wanted to keep these for myself..they're even pretty laid out flat. Look at them sideways, don't they look like a crab claw?
Here's the new label for our Women's line. They look like they were written with a quill, and Isaac had the idea to tea stain them for that extra effect. But since there was no tea around, coffee works just as well...


  1. J'adore.

    Bamboo, drape, and soft.
    Three words you can't mention without me drooling.

    GREAT job<3