Devon's Halloween

This was Devon's first year to celebrate Halloween, and she was a busy little lady! First stop was at the twins school for their Halloween parade. Frankie and Zoe were so excited to show her off to their friends. Isn't this the sweetest hug?
Their school is at the top of Laguna Hills and appropriately named "Top Of The World" Look at this view! Wish I went to school here...
Next stop was the neighborhood block party. Here she is taking a ride with Snow White...
For Devon, the block party was all about getting to finally ride that tire swing (she sees it every day when we take our walks together) It's hanging in the front yard of a neighbors house, so it was always a "no-no" but now she can finally take that ride. Here she is waiting patiently with Frankie and Zoe...
...getting a push from Spider Man......just when she thought it couldn't get any better, she was off to get a ton of candy. She even learned how to say "trick-or-treat"


  1. super cute!!!! i love that photo of you two!!!

  2. What a precious costume (and you're right, the hug is pretty sweet too)! I love it when little ones sport hooded costumes. Was it difficult to get her to keep it on?

    Also, her Mamma was looking pretty cute on Halloween too!

  3. All the kids look so adorable in various costumes! Spiderman is sooOo muscular but my favorite is still the little tiger (who looked totally uninterested in Snow White). Ha. Oh, her mummy is hot too!


  4. You know what I keep thinking?

    Why doesn't anyone live in my neighborhood that is this cool?

    We would have such fun if you lived near...I would let Devon swing on my tire swing ANY TIME SHE WANTED:P

  5. aw, you're so beautiful emily! no wonder devon's the cutest little girl on earth! i love her outfit too, too FREAKIN' adorable.

  6. i knew emily before she was all famous and junk. now she wont talk to me. but we'll always have paris ;)

  7. lol! Christopher, you are such a brat;P