Trying to recapture a moment

Our computer crashed the other day, leaving us with having to reinstall Windows, and then losing thousands of pictures of Devon in the process. I'm so upset about that, I can only compare it to a fire (although I know it's actually nowhere near as devastating) Anyways, I was lucky enough to have already picked the majority of the best pictures from all of the hundreds of photo shoots that I've done of Devon. Thank god I have this blog and an Etsy!
I was mainly bummed about losing some of the shots that I was lucky enough to capture of Devon with the dogs. I've been trying to get that perfect one since Devon could walk..... oh why didn't I leave them in the camera for just one more day?!?
I had one of Devon hugging Bik Wu. Huge smile, you could see both of their faces...similar expressions.. GOLD!...gone...
Of course, I got one of her giving Billy a kiss on the nose.....gone too!
Oh well, what's done is done. I tried my very best to recreate that moment. Same little outfit, dogs in the same places...although this time it was a little forced...I'd have to say.


  1. oh man!!! i was wondering where you were. that is a bummer! i am always worried about losing photos..... but these don't looked force they are super sweet!

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this! This is so upsetting. I'm glad you still have a blog with all the nice pics. And don't worry, these pics look really cute, especially the 2nd one with Devon and Bik Wu. His expression look as though Devon was torturing him. Too cute! ha!


  3. That absolutely bites big time! I am always worried about the samr thing happening, so last year we bought an external hard drive. The next problem is doing regular backups, so at the rate we are going we are in no better a boat. We must have about 5-10,000 photos in our baby photo cache, so to lose them would be awful.

    I'm sorry this happened to you, and I agree thank goodness for blogs and Etsy. Now...do you save your blog regularly?

  4. Catherine,
    OMG! I did'nt know that you had to save your blog too? HOw do you do that???? We also have an external hard drive but,only have really tiny baby photos of her on there.

  5. Aaaw man! I hate that for you. I've had that happen to me before too, but I didn't lose anything as precious as what you did. Mostly just a bunch of pictures of myself and my cats, lol.