Here's one of the pieces I've been working on for Little Bean and Sweet William. Devon obviously felt very "street tuff" in these (or maybe it was the slicked back hair) So this was the first pose she pulled as soon as she saw the camera...
I actually like these much more in the knit (first version was for warmer weather, and in linen) I feel like this fabric is much better suited for this "harem" style. Better drape, and super comfy:)
If Devon had been a boy, her name was going to be Devon Sebastian Payne. I've always leaned toward names that work for both boys and girls...same goes for clothing. A lot of the bottoms that I've designed for Devon Rose are unisex, but the label is not. I mean, who wants to buy pants for their little boy that has the word "Rose" on the label? So for these updated knit versions of our Sportsters, I got new labels that simply say "Devon".

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  1. she looks cute with her hair slicked back!