sew, buy fabric, sew some more...

I'm so sorry that our children's Etsy boutique is getting neglected. I just have to find that balance in doing wholesale (which I've done in the past for my women's line, Brick... however, I had a full time seamstress working with me) now I do it all myself. I have 69 pieces that I need to cut, sew, and ship by October 17th. Sew, sew, sew!!! Here's a little dress that I just finished, and will only be available at Sweet William in Brooklyn and at Little Bean in Dallas. The cute Japanese imported, linen print had little geese, lambs, cows, and a dog...so each dress was different. I wanted to shoot it on Devon, but I'll need to do that later (since she was not up to getting pictures taken at that time) and I needed to get those babies shipped out.
...poor Devon and Isaac, I'm always draggin them around to shop after shop of endless fabric.....


  1. far out, I've just updated myself with your site and we've been making similar dresses - like minds!

  2. It's an endless process, isn't it? I've loved every Japanese fabric design I've seen. Devon doesn't seem to mind visiting all the fabric shops with her busy Mama. What a patient girl!

  3. lol! she SEEMS very patient in these pics, doesn't she??