Pretty dresses for pretty girls

Here's another version of the square neck, a rework from last years Festive floral dress. I've been waiting for the perfect piece to put this adorable wooden, apple button on. It's mainly because of that button that I decided to call it the Green Apples Dress. I guess you could call the print "apple shapes" but upon closer inspection, they look more like little sea shells.
Here's a happy coincidence, I posted the tunic (that I made Devon out of this same vintage remnant) just yesterday. Last night (while cruising around facebook) I stumbled upon this picture that one of my clients posted of her beautiful daughter in our Floral Burst Babydoll! The only other piece that exists in this lovely print...and she is a doll!


  1. love the new apple dress! i stole your photos to use for my blog post hope you don't mind!

  2. thanks! of course, you can use any pics you want:)

  3. I think it is so cool to see customer wearing your creations eh! She is a doll indeed. I should try to do a search on the internet as well.. who knows, I might chanced upon my work hanging on someone's wall. :p

    Devon looked unhappy.. was she in some kind of bad mood again? lol

  4. lol! nah, she was just into taking some moody pictures that day:)