Happy Trails

Devon's first nature walk, at the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park! She mostly rode on Isaac's shoulders since the trails were pretty steep in most places (and she tended to want to wander over into every rocky area, looking for little caves to play in) It reminded me of how Isaac and I used to take walks together (with the doggies) every morning. Living in Dallas was never really conducive to our exercise routine...too hot and since we lived in a totally industrial area, no place to walk. We decided to make this a weekly habit, and why not? There's tons of nature walks to be had everywhere you look. Laguna Niguel is beautiful! This park is 5 minutes away from our house and has amazing views. The doggies can't come with, but I found another trail that's literally a block away just for them (doggie bag dispenser and trash can sit neatly at the trails entrance)


  1. i love going there. i first went with my parents when i was 5.......so we really need to get these girls together. my boys start school later this week and after that things will settle down and we can meet at that toy shop you told me about.