Fall pieces

I LOVE this piece on Devon (still way too hot for wearing it now) but its' a great "Fall into Winter" item. I got a lot of positive feedback from this particular silhouette (several people asking if I would sell the pattern) But, I've never actually done that before. Maybe because I still hand draft all my patterns (and honestly, I'm not very neat about it) Anyways, I'm also doing this silhouette in the beautiful vintage, floral print that I used for the Floral Burst Babydoll. It's the very last piece of that remnant.
We had a great fabric sourcing trip to LA on Tuesday. I found (among other things) some cute, teeny-striped, red/white knit (so "Candy Striped Skinnys" and a new henley are on their way)
For Sweet William, I'm currently doing a reworked version of our Bulls Eye Knickers, full lenght (in dark denim) I so loved that "target" bum on Devon. It made me a little teary eyed when I pulled out this sample, it looked absolutely doll-sized! Devon, stop growing so fast! I threw a new pair for her into the production schedule. Seriously, she has so many more pieces than I do.


  1. I am swooning.
    Best little plaid jacket ever.

    So super sweet.

  2. I love this silhouette but I will never look good in it. My upper torso will look even shorter. lol.

    I hope Devon won't grow too fast as well..


  3. That is such a cute top. Ok, that's it... I have to have a baby so that I can dress it up in all your cute kids clothes. ;)