Heather and I have been planning on getting our girls together for awhile. First, we found each others blogs. Then we discovered that our girls are only months apart, and that we actually lived only minutes away from each other (I'm constantly amazed by this small world) So this morning, I put Devon in her new vintage, fabric tunic (that I made her yesterday) I was going to list it on Etsy, but I decided that Devon needed to keep this one. It was the last bit of that fabric, and I'm just in love with that print on her. She was totally happy with her vanilla bean Frappuccino, until she dropped it and lost all of her whip cream. Maybe that was the initial cause of her impending meltdowns?
Pippi is a doll! She showed up in that adorable dress, holding necklaces for Devon. Look at those little gold flats and that pout, too cute for words!
This was the only shot that I managed to get of the two of them playing together. Sorry to say that Devon had several meltdowns, but I totally blame myself. It really made me realise that I absolutely need to get her out of the house more (and around other children as much as possible). Hopefully, Pippi will want to play again soon:)


  1. Eeeee! I can't get enough of your blogs about your daughter! She's so cute! I'd smother her with hugs and kisses if I could! You do SUCH a wonderful job at dressing her up! (Definitely getting and saving ideas when/if I have a daughter!) And that vintage tunic! MY GOD... BEAUTIFUL! Blows my mind. :) And little Pippi's gold shoes makes me feel so fuzzy inside! Her name is just as cute, if not cuter! :)

    Take care,
    Belen ♥

  2. thanks so much, Belen! I just checked out your shop and had to get a couple things for Devon...very cute!!!

  3. we loved getting together with you!! penelope had her own meltdown on the way home! we left her doll at the toy store and had to drive back to get it!! we will have to get together again for sure.... how often do you meet someone that has a daughter the same age as yours and gets the whole blog thing plus when the mom has such great style! i am jealous at how put together you looked!

  4. lol! oh stop! You two were picture perfect:) I kept thinking (on the way home) that I should have snapped a pic of the two of you together as well...next time!

  5. The 3rd pic is so funny - Devon enjoying her own company and Pipi looking totally bored. lol.

    I think Pipi got her pouted look from the doll she was holding. CUTE!

  6. Rheea, I know!!! they are so cute together, though...I'm sure by the next playdate, they'll be best friends:)