Pretty Military

Isn't she the cutest in her little military jacket and moccasins? I've been dying to do one for Devon out of this soft rib knit that I found, and trim it with a cotton crochet lace. I still remember my very first military jacket I got in 8th grade. I found it at Banana Republic, but it was back in the day when Banana Republic was all about safari gear, remember those days?


  1. i am free any day this week except friday what about you? love the mini hipster!

  2. for real!? she's too cute!!!! the outfit is perfect and so is her smile! aww :)

  3. Congrats on the big sale! I always get so excited about receiving pleasant surprises like that. It's as if every single sale I make is my very first one. I'll never get sick of it. Cute sweater too!